Buying Tips for 4x4 Truck Suspension Lift Kits

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Truck 4x4 suspension lift kits include a set of different auto parts, including springs, shocks, and bushes used to give 4x4 vehicles a loftier appearance by raising the suspension above the wheels. If you've decided that it is time to lift your 4x4 truck's suspension, you should know how to purchase the right suspension lift kit for the vehicle. Generally, suspension kits are not created equal because each vehicle make and model demands a particular type of kit to ensure safe and effective elevation. This can make the process of finding a suitable suspension kit somewhat daunting.

Below are some tips you can follow to help you select the right 4x4 suspension lift kits for your car upgrading project.

Consider where you're going to drive

First, ask yourself what kind of trail you intend to traverse with your 4×4 truck after you've installed the suspension lift kit. Do you plan to use the vehicle for low-speed rock climbing or high-speed desert racing, racing in deep mud, or trekking in the open country terrains, or do you simply want better general-purpose 4WD or for purely aesthetic reasons? 

Your project-specific requirements should guide your choice of an appropriate lift kit. If you want to lift the suspension of your 4×4 for low-speed rock-crawling, for example, you might need a large size lift kit that can provide enough ground clearance for the vehicle to pass through large rocks and other obstacles with relative ease. But if you are raising your suspension solely for aesthetic reasons and will still need to travel on the highways, you will need to take into account the vehicle's braking, cornering and manoeuvring ability for the sake of your safety and that of other motorists.

Purchase new tyres first

When you decide to raise your suspension, you will automatically need to purchase new tyres. A clever way to ensure that you end up with a truck suspension lift kit that is compatible with the new tyres is to buy the tyres you will need first, and then select a suitable lift kit thereafter. Review what the lift height for the tyres is as recommended by the lift kit manufacturer. 

When choosing a lift kit, be careful not to go for more lift height than what's specified for the tyres. Also, keep in mind that tyre size recommendations are not universal in nature, so what's recommended by one lift kit manufacturer may not apply to a different brand name.

Generally speaking, it costs more to achieve higher lift heights, so make sure you're working within the available budget in your desire to elevate your 4×4 truck suspension.

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