5 Traits to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Truck Service Company for Your Fleet of Trucks

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If you own a fleet of trucks for your business, you need to choose a company who can service those trucks. Wondering which company you should choose? Here are five traits to keep in mind.

1. Genuine Parts

Ideally, the truck service professionals you select should use genuine parts. Those are parts made by the same manufacturer as your truck. Many service companies use parts made by a third party, and those can be subpar in some cases.

Additionally, if you have any older trucks in your fleet, you need a service company that has vintage parts on hard or that can source vintage parts.

2. Help With Telematics

Telematics are a variety of tools that can help you track how your drivers are handling the trucks. These tools can give you valuable information on which drivers are achieving the best levels of fuel economy, and they help you identify where drivers may need extra training.

In addition, telematics can help you figure out when to service your vehicles. If you work with a truck service company, you may want a company who can give you advice on telematics and help you install different tools as needed.

3. Experience With Trucks

Long haul trucks and road trains are a special type of vehicle. They aren't the same as a ute with a diesel engine. To ensure that your trucks get the service that they need to last as long as possible, you want to hire a truck service company that is staffed by experienced professionals.

Unfortunately, if you choose a company that just has regular mechanics, they may make mistakes. That can lead to more repair costs down the road.

4. Country-Wide Support Network

When you own a fleet of trucks, they are likely to be criss crossing all over the country. For regular service, you can work with a service professional in your specific area. However, accidents and unexpected repair issues can pop up, and so that you can deal with those issues, you need a service company with multiple locations throughout the country.

5. Fast and Reliable

Finally, you need a truck service company who can consistently meet your needs. As a professional, you need to avoid downtime to protect your bottom line. To that end, you need a company that's poised to meet your needs when they occur.

To figure out if a truck service company meets these specific traits, contact them directly.