Essential Accessories for Turbocharged Engines

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If you are new to turbocharged engines, then you need to know that such motors generate power by pumping more air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber compared to conventional engines. Like most other machines, it is possible to get the most out of your turbocharged engine by getting the right accessories for it. However, acquiring the appropriate components can be difficult given the number of turbo accessories in the market. Coupled with the high number of experts, then inexperienced turbo engine owners have a problem. This article highlights essential turbo accessories that newbies should get for their turbo engines.

Silicone Hoses

One of the reasons silicone hoses have become one of the essential accessories for turbocharged engines is their prolific features. First and foremost, silicone hoses are stronger and more flexible than rubber hoses. For instance, hose joints in turbo engines love to pull off due to increased pumping of air. Notably, using silicone hoses in the joints allows room for flexibility thereby keeping the tubes in place. Secondly, since turbo engines generate a lot of heat compared to ordinary ones, they need hoses that can withstand high temperatures, and the heat-resistant nature of silicone hoses allows for that. 

Oil Pressure Regulator

For every turbo system, oil pressure is critical. With the amount of pumping that turbo engines do, you need oil to reach every essential part of the system reliably. An oil pressure regulator allows you the opportunity to monitor the amount of oil pressure in the engine's oil delivery system. You want to make sure that the pressure does not go beyond manufacturer's recommended limit because it will damage the turbo system. The oil regulator also helps prevent leakage from the turbo stage oil thereby delivering oil efficiently.

Turbo Oil Feed Filters

One unique feature of turbochargers is that they have small oil galleries; therefore, any debris lodged in the engine can cause problems to the entire turbo system.  A turbo oil feed filter ensures that your turbocharger is fed with clean oil at all times. It is made possible by the presence of an ultra-thin stainless steel filter element that keeps the turbocharger free of the smallest particles. One advantage of turbo oil feed filters is that they have a washable screen filter that you can take out and clean with ease. However, it critical to get the right size because turbo oil feed filters come in two sizes, -3AN and -4AN.

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