The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Mirror Arms for Your Truck

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Vehicle mirrors play a crucial role in enhancing your safety and your overall driving experience on the road. Therefore, you must always be smart about the kind of mirrors you choose for your vehicle, especially when replacing them. While the factory mirrors on your vehicle will often suffice, you may need to upgrade them for many reasons. Perhaps you want better visibility for your towing needs, or you just need a better-quality mirror that stands up well to the elements. Whether it's your side mirrors, towing mirrors, blind spot mirrors, etc., the mounting brackets are among the crucial components to consider. If you have a truck, you will need to think about the kind of mirror arms the mounting brackets should have. With many of these available in the markets, here is a simple guide to help you choose the best.

Choose the Right Material

Material selection is significant when selecting mirror arms for your truck. You must select an option that works best for your budget and one that will last and perform well against the outdoor elements. If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable option, consider plastic. It will still work for your mirror mounting needs but it's usually not as strong and long-lasting as its metal counterparts. When selecting metal, steel and aluminium are the major options you will find.  Steel is usually the strongest of the two, but aluminium is lightweight and performs better in corrosion and rust resistance. If you must choose steel, consider stainless steel for prevention against rust and corrosion. However, remember that steel mirror arms will, in most cases, cost you more than their aluminium counterparts.

Decide Between Manual and Power Mirror Arms

The mirror arm you choose will determine how you adjust your mirrors. Manual mirror arms are the standard options you will come across, and as the name suggests, they lack power adjustment. You have to manually adjust your mirrors by hand if you need to align them to a specific viewing angle. On the positive side, they cost less than their power counterparts. On the other hand, power mirrors arms are usually fitted with wires that connect to your truck's electrical system, making it possible for you to adjust them electronically. They cost more but are much easier to operate.

Go for Telescopic Mirror Arms for Increased Rearward Vision

Telescopic mirror arms are extendable outwards. This feature is essential as it maximises your rearward vision, which is ideal if you have a considerably long trailer.

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