Car Service Focus Areas When Preparing for a Long Road Trip

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Road trips are a great way to reboot your system away from the city. However, you need a machine in optimal condition, not any vehicle. Just because you have not driven your car for a while does not mean it is in good shape to handle a long trip. The last thing you want is to deal with issues such as a blown engine or burst tyres before reaching your destination. Servicing your vehicle a few days before a journey ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip. This article highlights car servicing focus areas when preparing for a road trip.


The braking system in your car is perhaps one of the most important when on a road trip. You do not know the kind of motorists you will come across during a journey; therefore, being able to stop your car when necessary is critical for safety. Moreover, it is normal to cruise at high speeds while on an open road; hence, you want your brakes to work when you need them. Consequently, it is essential to service the braking system for optimal performance when you begin a road trip.


Tyre disasters are common during long road trips because they are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods. Therefore, if your tyres are not in good condition, the chances are high that you will deal with a puncture at some point along your journey. For instance, if a tyre keeps losing pressure, there is likely a slow puncture. Failure to check your tyres might lead to frequent stops at service stations to fill them with air. Unfortunately, frequent stops prolong your road trip and interfere with your itinerary. Thus, it is vital to have your tyres checked for pressure and tread depth. Tyre inspection can also reveal issues with wheel alignment, another essential element of road trip preparation.


Imagine being out on a road trip, and as the suns sets, you realise that your headlights are dimmer than the last time you used them. Driving under such conditions can be frustrating and dangerous for your and other motorists, particularly at night or during a storm. Therefore, it is crucial to service the electrical system in your car before a trip. The service focuses on the battery, alternator, and starter. It ensures that your headlights, reverse light, rear lights, and internal lights are in excellent condition for the trip ahead.